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Classic Manicure

No Chip Manicure

Go Go Pedicure (30 min)

Classic Pedicure (60 min)

Ultimate Pedicure (90 min)

Acrylic Fullset

Acrylic Fill

$35 & up

$52 & up

$38 & up

$55 & up

$70 & up

$85 & up

$55 & up




*All prices are starting at and are subject to change. A thorough consultation with your artist will determine final pricing. Your artist will notify you of any changes to their individual prices. Please email us at if you have any questions or call the salon directly.

For your safety. Please be advise that when having  a pedicure appointment at O Salon, ,a guest must be able to step up to the platform unassisted to where the chairs are.

Thank You.

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